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abas Mobile Apps
abas Mobile Apps
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Mobility is increasingly dictating how day-to-day business is conducted. The mobile applications included in the abas Business Suite standard release enable you to access relevant company data from the abas ERP system anywhere, anytime, and on any mobile device.

Using abas Mobile Apps is intuitive and the elements of the application interface automatically adjust to fit the display size of your device. When you switch from a smartphone to a tablet, content will not only be larger, but the structure and layout will also be rearranged to take full advantage of the tablet display. For smaller displays, product information is presented in layered blocks, while for larger displays the entire width of the device is used to present more information. If the data are extensive and cannot be displayed in a single view, a product full text search will be automatically completed.

Mobile Sales 

Mobile Sales is tailored to the requirements of sales representatives. Online access to CRM and other sales-relevant data greatly improve efficiency in the field. You can view, edit and create quotations, sales orders, invoices, tasks, and notes in the ERP system. Access to map applications and emails clients provide further support for external sales force performance.


Features of Mobile Sales — The mobile solution for sales representatives

  • _Get an overview of customers, including revenue and contact information
  • _Analyze graphical evaluations, such as revenue status
  • _Browse tasks and notes context aware
  • _Process sales activities (opportunities, quotations, sales orders)
  • _View packing slips, invoices and outstanding items
  • _Generate quotations and sales order confirmations as PDFs and send them to the customer or prospect per email
  • _Account for customer-specific prices and discounts
  • _Create and edit customers, prospects and contacts
  • _Find customers, prospects, or their contacts using a full text search
  • _Display critical sales orders
  • _Record and revise tasks and notes
  • _Access product stock level and price information

Mobile Purchase

Mobile Purchase provides a quick overview of all interactions with a vendor by enabling access to vendor files. It also supports complete procurement management.



Features of Mobile Purchase — the strategic purchasing application

  • -Get an overview of vendors, including revenue and contact information
  • _Process purchasing activities (requests, purchase orders)
  • _Browse tasks and notes context aware
  • _Find vendors using full text and characteristics searches
  • _View vendor product lists
  • _Receive information about critical deliveries, purchase order suggestions and subcontracting suggestions
  • _Review purchase order suggestions, subcontracting suggestions, blanket order suggestions
  • _Record and revise tasks and notes
  • _Access product price information and vendor lists

Mobile Service

Mobile Service helps service engineers efficiently plan and process service assignments in the field. You can access service assignment plans through a calendar function. Customer data and service product information, including service BOMs, service history, service orders, and material planning, are easily managed with the mobile applications. You can even manage materials and submit service reports on the go.


Features of Mobile Service — the mobile solution for service engineers

  • _Plan service assignments with a calendar function
  • _Record assignment times and required materials in service reports, including signature capture
  • _Review service BOMs, assignment history, and current service activities
  • _Prepare assignments with access to customer data and devices.
  • _Manage on-hand materials and generate material requests.

More details about these apps here.

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